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Why your next business hotel stay might be three-star rather than five

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laptop-luxurious-hotel-room-work-desk-48553150High-end hotels in Sydney and Melbourne are so full that not only are rates for business travellers likely to rise, but companies could be forced to place travellers in three-star hotels or consider alternative options like private Airbnb accommodation, says American Express Global Business Travel Asia Pacific managing director David Reimer.

Hotel occupancy rates in Sydney and Melbourne are averaging nearly 90 per cent, meaning on the more popular nights, many of the hotels are fully booked.

“Particularly in Sydney and Melbourne, companies are going to have to be very diligent around thinking about their hotel programs in general,” Mr Reimer said.

“We’ve seen a strong uptick in tourism. Tourists need places to stay as well. For the first time in a number of years, corporates are competing for hotels with leisure travels. And some international leisure travellers are staying in a better class of hotel because it is more affordable [due to the weaker dollar].”

The American Express Global Business Travel 2016 forecast found high-end Australian hotel prices are expected to rise by an average of 3 to 5 per cent next year, outpacing the gains in most other parts of Asia. But the average is expected to be weighted down by

How guests choose hotels during online booking

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book-hotel-onlineJust how do guests dwindle down their hotel selections during the online booking process?
Two hospitality professors aimed to find out, looking beyond clickstream analysis by using eye tracking to discover why consumers choose a specific hotel.
Eye tracking is capturing eye movements and converting this information into some form of analyzable data, explained Stephani K.A. Robson, senior lecturer at Cornell University School of Hotel Administration. Robson was one half of the duo who presented research during a webinar titled “Consumer eye-tracking and revenue management,” which was presented jointly by Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association International, Hotel News Now and HNN’s parent company, STR.
Robson and her research partner Breffni Noone, associate professor at Penn State’s School of Hospitality Management, analyzed 32 people’s eye tracking patterns, all of whom had one thing in common: They were leisure travelers who had booked a hotel online in the last six months, Robson said.
The research team then sat down with participants to ask them questions about why they clicked on certain hotels and what played into their decisions. Robson and Noone broke down their study into two phases of

Boutique hotels hold retail opportunities

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portobello-boutique-hotelHoteliers aren’t retailers, and retailers aren’t hoteliers. But the two are positioned to give each other some key advantages.
Peter Whitford, founder and CEO of Parker & Morgan Global, said the personalization possible at boutique hotels, and the loyalty that inspires, present hoteliers with unique opportunities if they’re willing to shift their mindset to retail. That includes even selling things straight from a guestroom.
“People who stay in hotels have the opportunity to try something, experience it, see if they like it. If they do, they often go about making a
Whitford said a willingness to partner with retailers can open up hoteliers to new sources of revenue and their guests to new experiences at the hotel.
Leveraging knowledge
LeeAnn Sauter, founder and CEO of Seaside Luxe, which specializes in creating retail spaces on resort properties, said hoteliers, particularly in the boutique luxury space, are more knowledgeable about their guests than standalone retailers.
“We’re the only retailers in the world who know who is walking through the doors,” Sauter said. “That’s a gift, but it’s a gift that you need to use to exceed their expectations.”
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How Much It Costs Hotel In Medan

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Medan is one among other city to travel if you have time to spare. It has unique environment where you can meet people from the different races or descendants, too, the places to visit. Plan to stay in Medan for some time, you need your own haven to lean back and relax while you are not doing your activity like wondering around the city or doing another thing depending on the reason why you visit the aforementioned city. hotel prices in Medan, do you need some information about it? The price is varied, and it depends on your capability to budget your destination.


Fear not, here are some lists for prices of hotel in Medan to write down. Hotel Bumi Asih Medan is for you who can afford IDR 345,000. Let it alone, you have access for free Wi-Fi. You can’t expect luxury, but for sure you will get comfortableness that you yearn for. The room is clean and neat. Nothing that special about the decoration, however, it is acceptable. It has facility that somehow can enhance your time there. You who love easy access to reach famous places in Medan, this hotel is an option to consider.


Sofyan Hotel Saka

How To Get Best Paris Escorts Girls

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Galleries of Amsterdam Call Girls

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There is a Bunk Bed in Your Luxury Hotel

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Guests staying at the sleek new South Congress Hotel in Austin, Texas, can enjoy perks typical of trendy boutique hotels—a sunlight-filled cafe serving avocado toast, Apple TVs in every room and a pool surrounded by pretty people sipping specialty cocktails.

And if guests would rather not part ways with their friends at the end of the night, they can all retire to a suite with a private balcony, bespoke linens and two sets of queen-size bunk beds.

“I thought we’d have to reconfigure the rooms,” says Jesse Herman, a partner for the hotel’s owner, New Waterloo, about taking a chance on incorporating bunk beds into the 83-room hotel. “The biggest surprise to me is that people now love that option.” The double-bunk suites, priced from $389 to $749 a night, are among the most occupied since the hotel opened in September, Mr. Herman says.

Jill Forehand, a 38-year-old director of donor relations at a college in Statesboro, Ga., spent a late September weekend in one of the South Congress bunk suites with two college friends who live in Atlanta and Nashville, Tenn. “We all just needed a getaway,” she says, and the bunk-bed suite offered an option where they could all sleep comfortably.